Ode to The Muslim

Muslims: one of the most hated people in the world. Around the clock they are being projected as one of the deadliest communities in hi-definition pixels and hyperbolic propaganda. Reality deplores them as illusion and illusion consumes whatever remains of their reality. They are the one who are being massacred – clandestinely and openly, displaced en masse, haunted, arrested, jailed, tortured, abused, doubted and humiliated. They are deprived of all their dreams, and accused of creating nightmares that shakes the daydreams of the powers that be. They are the one who pay the price of every single thing they do or believe and the quixotic system that holds the keys of index is hostile to them: in the material world and beyond.

But they are there defiant, resilient and thriving. Even on the verge of being obstinate, insolent and shabby.

Human, they are. Aren’t they? With all their beauty and malady. As everyone is.

To see the album, please click on the photo below:

Jama Masjid 2


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